TAAACC Stands To

  • Educate African-American communities and businesses on the importance of starting and sustaining a business.
  • Ensure that all member chambers are thoroughly informed about laws and regulations that could impact their businesses.
  • Participate in the legislative process to ensure that African-American businesses are treated with equal opportunities and fairness.
  • Work with state and corporate allies to openly embrace diversity and inclusion.

TAAACC is a non-profit organization whose criteria for action is determined by the objectives stated in the Mission Statement.

TAAACC interacts directly with the legislative, judicial and executive levels of government to influence policies in accordance with the Mission Statement.

TAAACC is a “think tank” organization for its members, thereby strengthening, stimulating and providing positive advocacy, while disseminating any and all useful data that is beneficial to African-American businesses and communities.

TAAACC's Mission is to ensure that African American Business Owners receive a fair share of the economic prosperity of Texas. To serve as a catalyst for a better quality of life in African American communities throughout Texas. To support policies that allow African-Americans access to economic opportunities.

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