Legislative Agenda

TAAACC is a non-profit organization whose criteria for action is determined by the objectives stated in the Mission Statement.

Legistlative Priorities 87th Texas Legistlature

The Texas Association of African American Chambers of Commerce (TAAACC) is prepared to lend its support to efforts targeting our state’s challenges. The 87th Legislative Session, an online legislative session, convenes to address these challenges on behalf of a dramatically diverse constituency against the backdrop of a fiscal and political climate that makes finding common ground difficult.

It is especially difficult when attempting to shape solutions for communities teetering on the brink of becoming socio-economic wastelands, where economic growth is often nonexistent, and where solutions to public education’s deficiencies, poverty, crime, welfare, discrimination, substance abuse, inadequate housing and high un- and underemployment are irrefutably linked. Effective policies to answer these challenges must be meaningfully balanced and holistic.

TAAACC believes Texas’ future as a national leader in economic vitality and social responsibility is at stake in this 87th Legislature.

We will advance our concerns to our elected representatives as evidence of our commitment to help ensure a productive agenda for Texas.

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General Legistlative Position Statements


    Enlist legislators to sponsor and endorse legislation on issues germain to TAAACC Member interests


    Upon request, canvass legislators and/or testify before legislative committees on issues of interest


    Express TAAACC support of legislation through email/social media, published op/ed, and letter campaigns


    Examine impact of all legislation on TAAACC constituency


    Engage legislators to oppose/kill legislation deemed detrimental to TAAACC constituency