Our Long History...

                     2015 Photo of Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the current TAAACC leadership team (l-r,                                   Past Chairman Jim Wyatt, President Charles O'Neal, and Chairman Christopher C. Herring) 

The Texas Association of African American Chambers of Commerce (TAAACC) is one of oldest Black business leagues in America. It was established in the mid 1920’s as a means for providing Black business owners the opportunity to participate in mainstream commerce due to being denied opportunities for membership in local chambers of commerce. In 1926, a small group of Black businessmen in Dallas established the Dallas Negro Chamber of Commerce, today known as the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce. In 1988, the Texas Association of Black Chambers of Commerce was officially formed and, in 1993, changed its name to the Texas Association of African American Chambers of Commerce. Since its inception, TAAACC has continued to grow in size and influence and currently represents more than 10,000 Black business chamber members throughout the state and the voice for 200,000+ Black businesses across Texas.

About the Texas Association of African American Chambers of Commerce

During its 30 plus years of existence, the Texas Association of African-American Chambers of Commerce (TAAACC) has been a leading voice in the African-American business community. It is a non-profit organization and serves as a "think tank" for its members, thereby strengthening, stimulating and providing positive advocacy, while disseminating useful data that is beneficial to African-American businesses and communities.

Since its inception, TAAACC has been a leading advocate promoting the development and enhancement of local African-American chambers of commerce, and supporting business members that represent an array of industries. As such, TAAACC interacts directly with the legislative, judicial and executive branches of government to influence public policy. Our goal is to continue being an informational and resourceful conduit to help our members thrive and prosper. Learn more about TAAACC at www.taaacc.org.

Legislative Voice

One of our most important roles of the TAAACC is to actively participate in the legislative process on behalf of African-American Businesses.  Therefore, in advance of each Texas Legislative Session, our legislative committee meets to finalize strategies and resolutions deemed most important to our constituents and the business community in general.  Accordingly, TAAACC strives to identify issues that are most likely to affect the African-American business community and advocate on their behalf.

The Resolution Process

Throughout the year, TAAACC's Board of Directors implements resolutions that are in the best interest of the organization and its members.

The Process

The TAAACC Board of Directors must approve the organizations Legislative Strategy before it can become an official objective of the organization.  Upon approval, the strategy is released to key legislative officials who then distribute the information to the entire Texas Legislative Governing Body.


 Day on the Hill & the Luncheon

During our Day on the Hill, our constituents and corporate members are provided with first-hand policy discussions on issues critical to their businesses.  Afterwards, the attendees are granted the opportunity to formally meet some of the legislators’ one on one as a means for relationship building and further voicing their concerns about pending legislation.

Traditionally, TAAACC hosts an awards Luncheon to honor those legislators most supportive advocates for minority businesses throughout the State.


Ø  Educate African-American communities and businesses on the importance of starting and sustaining a business.

Ø  Ensure that all member chambers are thoroughly informed about laws and regulations that could impact their businesses.

Ø  Participate in the legislative process to ensure that African-American businesses are treated with equal opportunities and fairness.

Ø  Work with state and corporate allies to openly embrace diversity and inclusion.


To ensure that African American Business Owners receive a fair share of the economic prosperity of Texas. Serve as a catalyst for a better quality of life in African American communities throughout Texas. Support policies that allow African-Americans access to economic opportunities.

Texas Association of African American Chambers of Commerce-(TAAACC)-Austin TX  
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