Courtney Johnson Rose, Chairman


On February 26, 2019, I was sworn in by Texas Senator Borris Miles as Chair of the Board of our historic and important organization.  I am honored to have been elected by our board and honored to be the first female to chair our organization.  I stand on the shoulders of many of our historic leaders who have served before me, whom I admire and respect

Throughout our past events and interactions with leaders from across the state, the need for more resources and opportunities for Black-owned businesses has been an underlying tone from our local leaders and members. Just as every Chair before me has had to face various challenges and has chosen specific challenges to prioritize; I intend to help us address the need for more resources and opportunities through the following priorities.

  • Increased engagement from our Local Chambers and usage of TAAACC as a think-tank and resource center
  • Reconstruction of our MOC Agreements with the Texas Agencies (HUB)
  • Development of a new and more robust Legislative Agenda for TAAACC in preparation of our 2021 Legislative Session
  • Continuation of our HBCU partnerships with Hutson Tillotson, Prairie View and Texas Southern University.
  • Increase participation from the Texas Legislative Black Caucus with TAAACC

If we work together and can embody our mission to ensure that African American Business Owners receive a fair share of the economic prosperity of Texas, to serve as a catalyst for a better quality of life in African-American communities throughout Texas and to support policies that allow African-Americans access to economic opportunities, we will position TAACC to grow and thrive.


I look forward to working with our President, Charles O’Neal, our executive board and each one of you that will serve with us.

About the Texas Association of African American Chambers of Commerce

During its 30 plus years of existence, the Texas Association of African-American Chambers of Commerce (TAAACC) has been a leading voice in the African-American business community. It is a non-profit organization and serves as a “think tank” for its members, thereby strengthening, stimulating and providing positive advocacy, while disseminating useful data that is beneficial to African-American businesses and communities.

Since its inception, TAAACC has been a leading advocate promoting the development and enhancement of local African-American chambers of commerce, and supporting business members that represent an array of industries. As such, TAAACC interacts directly with the legislative, judicial and executive branches of government to influence public policy. Our goal is to continue being an informational and resourceful conduit to help our members thrive and prosper. Learn more about TAAACC at

Our Board

Charles O'Neal, President

Clifford Freeney, Secretary

Concept Facility Services, LLC

Matt Houston, Treasurer

Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce

Immediate Past Chairs

Christopher Herring

Jim Wyatt

DeVoyd Jennings, Chairman

Ft Worth Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce

Odel Crawford, Chairman

Black Chamber of Permian Basin-Odessa

Roy Malonson

Reginald Gates

John Baines

Our Board Directors

Donald Mooney, CEO

Donald Mooney Enterprises, LLC

Dee Moore, President

Abilene Black Chamber of Commerce

Vernal Stewart, President/CEO


John Bible, President & CEO

Cen-Tex African American Chamber

Xavier Toson, Chairman

African American Chamber of San Antonio

Corey Kirkendoll, Chairman

Collin County Black Chamber of Commerce

Andrea Cooksey, President

Acres Homes Chamber of Commerce

Sylvia Tryon Oliver, President & CEO

Corpus Christi Black Chamber of Commerce

Darren James, Chairman

Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce

Kenneth Timmons, President

Angelina County Citizens Chamber of Commerce

Ernest Bradley, Secretary

Ennis Black Chamber of Commerce

Charles Jackson, President

Arlington Black Chamber of Commerce

Atty Patricia Hayes, Chairwoman

Greater Austin Black Chamber

Andrea Bell-Miller

Prairie View Chamber of Commerce, Chairwoman

Kerry Goree, Chairman

Denton Black Chamber of Commerce

Linda Gray, President & Founder

Greater Southwest Black Chamber of Commerce

Carol Y. Guess, Chairwoman

Greater Houston Black Chamber

Leondria Thompson, President

Tri-County Black Chamber of Commerce

Ted Sims

National Minority Contractors Association

Greg Muckelroy

Longview Metro Chamber of Commerce

Nacole Thompson, Chairman

Williamson County African American Chamber of Commerce

Derrick Choice, Chairman

Tyler Metro Chamber of Commerce

Horace Satisfield, Past Vice Chair, TAAACC

Collin County Black Chamber of Commerce